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If you're on this site, then you know
what affiliate marketing is

It's an industry where people can become millionaires in less than two years. It's a business where you have the freedom and time to do whatever you want.

The problem is that it's NOT easy to learn how to become an affiliate marketer.

You have an idea of what traffic sources or verticals are good. You might even be spying and ripping off some of the landing pages you see out there.

But something is missing. You're not profitable, and you're definitely not hitting super affiliate numbers.

Well, you are taking action. But in the back of your mind you're wondering if you're taking the right action.

It's not easy to keep going through failure after failure. Each campaign is costing you money. Each failure is costing you valuable time. And most importantly, you're experiencing bad emotions.

And focus? How do you know you're focusing on doing the right things?



AFFcelerator's Super Affiliate Intensive

The Top Affiliate Marketing Training in the World With PROVEN RESULTS

AFFcelerator goes far BEYOND traditional "affiliate marketing training programs."

I've spent years developing this program before I ever started a workshop. I didn't think of this program over a weekend and start teaching.

I have studied some of the top training programs in the world and actually went through them myself. I wanted to see what the most effective forms of learning are.

I took all that information and created AFFcelerator.

The training system consists of 3 parts
  • 1

    The Online Kickstart training

    The pre-training program designed to prepare you before you join the class.

  • 2

    The 3-Day Intensive

    An intense 3-day in person event in cities around the world. Previous cities have included Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, London, and Singapore.

  • 3

    The Post-Training Support

    A support structure designed to help you long after you've completed the program.

Some of the Topics covered in the training include:
  • - Mobile Marketing
  • - Building and Creating a Team
  • - Where the Hot Traffic Sources and Offers are in 2017
  • - What STRATEGIES Super Affiliates use
Are You Interested?


You have options for affiliate marketing training.Why should you pick AFFcelerator?

Only two things matter when it comes to choosing a training program: the credibility of the person who's teaching it and what results have the students gotten.

1. The Credibility of the Mentor

If you want to hire a personal trainer, would you hire someone that's out of shape? Probably not.

You want the person who's in shape, has certifications, has a solid reputation, and has gotten results for their clients. You want to hire someone who's walking the walk. The problem with affiliate marketing is that it's walking the walk. The problem is the "fake it until you make it" types. Most people selling information will probably flash their cars, watches, and pictures of vacations to sell their courses.

What the person owns has no effect on how credible they are or how well they can teach you.

  • - Fancy cars can be rented or leased.
  • - Watches and vacations can be bought with credit cards.

The best way to know if someone is credible is to look at their reputation in the space.

No one in affiliate marketing has a stronger reputation than I do. It's not even debatable. I have almost a DECADE of running affiliate campaigns. Affiliate marketing's always changing but I've always adapted by focusing on the fundamentals.

Affiliate marketers come and go, but I've been a pillar in this community since 2007. I've given out free information on my blog for over 3 years. This is important because it shows that I can teach and simplify what I know.

Before I ever taught an AFFcelerator course, I used my media buyers as guinea pigs. You're getting the results of years of training my employees.

I'm a thought leader at StackThatMoney and have spoken for networks such as Ads4Dough, Adsimilis, and Clickdealer. I'm invited to speak because they know I'm the real deal.

On top of that, I'm still actively running campaigns. Because of the systems and teams I've built over the past few years, I have the time to dedicate to AFFcelerator.

This is important because the knowledge I'll be sharing will be cutting edge and current.

2. AFFcelerator Student Results

No other training program can compare to AFFcelerator when it comes to results. I'm not showing you posts where students think the course is "awesome." I am showing you proof of people who made back their investment and then some.

Some students have been able to quit their jobs after taking AFFcelerator. Others have gone on to become millionaires after taking my training.

My training works. Period. Interested in a workshop?

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Charles has spoken at events for StackThatMoney, Ads4Dough, Adsimilis, Clickdealer, and more.

Charles is one of the most well-known and respected internet marketers in the world. Since 2007, he has made millions in profit by advertising on social networks, display banners, and on mobile phones.

His expertise has led him to creating the premier affiliate marketing blog on the internet, and he has spoken around the world in places such as Ibiza, and Singapore.

In his spare time, Charles enjoys traveling to Asia, strength training, and always working on stepping his game up.


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